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Pentronic honoured by Tetra Pak and Volvo

Pentronic has had the honor of receiving awards at two occasions at the beginning of 2017

Pentronic rewarded by Tetra Pak
In April, Pentronic was awarded by Tetra Pak with the Bronze Supplier 2017 certificate for Excellence in Quality, Delivery and Cost performance during the year 2016.
The award was handed over at a ceremony in Lund.
Tetra Pak has many suppliers, and of these, a few were noted with certificates for their good performance during the year. Only those who meet the highest requirements come into question for the award.

Pentronic 2.supplier _award Certifikat -TP2017-PS-2

 Pentronic praised by Volvo
During a ceremony in Gothenburg on January 25, 2017, Pentronic received the Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE) award 2016 in the "Non Automotive Parts"category.
Volvo includes a lot in its VQE concept – including quality, delivery reliability, environmental work, the work environment, ethics and continual improvement efforts. Openness and communication are also important to a long-term business relationship.